• The promotion of solidarity according to the different ventures, organizing or by collaborating in initiatives aimed at disadvantaged people (as art. 4 law 381/91) and/or belonging to protected social classes (European Commission Regulation No. 800// 2008). The Association and the cooperative will deal with the problems related to the reception of the subjects, to the livelihood, to the satisfaction of the material and physical needs and reduction of the discomfort;
• The diffusion in the society of positive vibes based on a simple lifestyle, generous, open to sharing. The refusal of prejudice and consumerism, by promoting, organizing, different services in non-profit, aimed at people, groups, communities, including activities and services connected to fair trade. The incitement to the brotherhood between peoples of different ethnic groups, religions, social traditions and any other activity that promotes the processes of recognition of the essential human rights. Attention to issues related to marginalization and social discomfort, by organizing informative and formative paths. The promotion of culture, according to the various international expressions;
• The promotion of the historical, environmental, architectural, cultural resources of the Adda Nord Park and of the others naturalistic parks present in Lombardy, through ventures aimed to divulge knowledge and interest.


La Rocchetta di Paderno

inaugurazione Casa della Provvidenza, Airuno


Let’s engage together for a better world

The rocchetta

a beautiful day after cleaning

lunch with monsignor Stucchi

enjoying the meal in the house of providence

our means

we carry the wood

everything in order

is better!


Great people always at work


what more could you want

Desidero rendere il giusto tributo alle grandi donne e ai grandi uomini, responsabili e volontari che hanno reso possibile la realizzazione di un sogno. Solleva oggi è punto di riferimento per decine di soggetti svantaggiati, alla ricerca di ospitalità e lavoro.
Un grazie particolare ad Ezio Gasperini,  primo presidente Solleva Coop

Luigi Gasparini - Presidente società cooperativa sociale Solleva

Monia De Rocchi - Presidente associazione culturale di promozione sociale Solleva

Un grazie anche a tutti i lavoratori svantaggiati che non si possono citare per obbligo di privacy ed hanno contribuito nella concretezza del quotidiano, allo sviluppo di solleva